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Training Activities

Goa State Fire Force Training Center

Goa Fire training service

Goa State Fire Force Training Center came into existence only after the establishment of Directorate of Fire Service in the year 1984, until then the Fire Service worked as an adjunct to the police. A land admeasuring 16,994 Sq.mtr. was acquired for developing the infrastructure for training. In the beginning, Goa Fire Force Training Center started Fireman course of six months duration for the recruit of the local service and later on expanded training activities with the participants of the other state department Fire Service. At present Goa State Fire Force Training center conducts 17 different tailored training courses for various categories for industrial and in-service personnel in Fire safety management on regular basis. The Goa State Fire Force Training center has been identified as a regional training center for conducting Junior officers course Sub-officers course by Ministry of Home Affairs, National Fire Service College, Government on India.

Hostel Building

The Training course includes some courses of residential in nature. The need was felt for creating a Hostel so that the trainees can be made available round the clock at the Training Center.The Construction of the Hostel was taken up by PWD and was completed in May 2012. The total Built up area is 1,048 m2. The Hostel can accommodate 39 trainees with one residential accommodation for Warden, training office, Store Room and Hard surfaced Training area.

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