The Mission of the Directorate of Fire and Emergency Services is to save the lives and property of Citizens of Goa from the ravages of Fire, besides responding to other Emergencies.

Fire Protection Measures installed in vulnerable occupancies play an important role in immediate response to fire incidents. However, monitoring whether these measures remain operative and functional is a multi-level responsibility. The Department makes recommendations on the preventive and response measures to be installed at each occupancy and after the occupant undertakes to comply with these, Initial No Objection Certificate is issued. Final No Objection Certificate is given after compliance is verified. Many of the owners and/ or occupants of vulnerable occupancies fail to maintain the installed equipment and when a fire incident occurs, the critical equipment not working can seriously affect the work of the responding teams. Hence, it is proposed to integrate the Fire Protection Measures in every occupancy with the Local Fire Stations and the Control Room at the Directorate of Fire and Emergency Headquarters. This will enable the Department Control Room to receive in real time the information pertaining to non-functioning of any installed Fire Protection equipment.