The Directorate of Fire and Emergency Services being part of the State machinery for Disaster Response have been focusing on building community awareness about Fire Safety Management and Disaster preparedness in general. The approach is further focused on Educational Institutions (Secondary and Primary Schools) and Village Panchayats Citizens in General.

At the Secondary School level a continuous "Training of Trainers" Programme for Secondary School Teachers in Basic Fire Safety and Evacuation Drill Procedures has been going on since 2010. Further, these teachers are training their students and evacuation drills are being carried out as part of the General Preparedness.
2010 660 886
2011 562 881
2012 159 339
2013 264 505
2014 143 191
2015 309 588
2016 139 225
2017 167 274
2019 101 133
2020 -- --
2021 122 224
2022 -- --
2023 128 218
GRAND TOTAL 2754 4464

As part of raising the Fire Safety Awareness in the Primary School a Programme of “Safer School Safer India” commenced in April 2015. This is joint initiative through a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) by the Directorate of Fire and emergency Services, Directorate of Education, State Council Educational Research and Training (SCERT) and Underwriters Laboratories (India). The Concept of “Safer School Safer India” envisages an intention to built a safer India to safe guard children and teach them how to stay safe. The objective is to enhance the level of primary school children of I st to IV th and through them the families on safety cultures. The approach is to include Fire Safety Education as a part of the School Curriculum. Since 2015 the Department has imparted training to 467 Teachers from 334 Schools in the state of Goa and further the trained Teachers have in turn trained 33027 Students in their respective Schools.

As a part of raising the Fire Safety Awareness in the Primary School in the State of Goa the “Safer School Safer India” Programme was unveiled at the hands of Shri Laxmikant Parsekar, Hon’ble Chief Minister on 14th April 2015. This is a joint initiative the Directorate of Fire & Emergency Services, Directorate of Education (State Council of Educational Research and Training (SCERT)) and Underwriter Laboratories (India). The concept of Safer School Safer India envisages an intention to built a Safer India, to safe guard children and teach them how to stay safe. This intensive campaigning is for enhancing the awareness level of Primary School Children and through them the families on Safety Culture.

The approach is to include Fire Safety Education as part of the school curriculum, with atleast one period a week dedicated for this purpose. The Training module is designed to create interest in children at primary level (Ist to IVth Std.) and involve them in activities which will lead to Fire Prevention and Fire Safety learning.

In the Phase I, 46 Primary School Teachers from 27 Schools of Tiswadi Taluka were taken up for the ‘Training of Trainers’ Programme in two batches. The Module on topic “Fire & Safety – Good Fire, Bad Fire” was imparted to the Teachers which included various aspects of Fire Safety and which was also provided in software to enable them to carry the training at their respective schools.

2015 46 27 3730
2016 98 50 7571
2017 124 113 3398
2018 104 71 11775
2019 95 73 6553
2020 -- -- --
2021 313 201 --
GRAND TOTAL 780 535 33027

At the Village Level, the Department conducts “Disaster Preparedness & Fire Safety Training” to inculcate awareness amongst the village population and Village Panchayat functionaries in the State of Goa. Out of 182 Village Panchayats in North & South Goa since the year 2014, 106 Village Panchayats have been covered under this Programme and further expansion is in process.

The Directorate in coordination with the Directorate of Panchayats, M/s. Bharat Petroleum Corporation Ltd., M/s. Hindustan Petroleum Corporation Ltd., & M/s. Indian Oil Corporation Ltd. is conducting Village Panchayat Level ‘Basic Fire Safety & Disaster Preparedness’ Training to inculcate awareness among the village people of all Panchayats in the state of Goa concerning Fire Safety and Disaster Preparedness in case of the eventuality of any calamity or disaster (natural and man-made).

The villagers who have already undergone the training programme in Basic Fire Safety and Disaster Preparedness Campaign, in turn, have to train other villagers of their respective Panchayats in order to affect the success of the training programme. The said programme is a continuous process. The Fire Stations Mapusa, Ponda, Pernem, Valpoi, Curchorem, Bicholim Pernem, Pilerne, Vasco, Old Goa, Canacona, Verna, Panaji, and Kundaim are undertaking the training programme in the Village Panchayat within their Fire Station jurisdiction very effectively. Women are also being trained concerning safety aspects regarding LPG Leakage, handling of children in case of any calamity and evacuation.

Sr. No. Name of the Taluka No. of Village Panchayats Trained wef 2014
1 Bardez 13
2 Ponda 4
3 Pernem 11
4 Sattari 9
5 Quepem 9
6 Bicholim 12
7 Salcete 39
8 Canacona 6
9 Mormugao 1
10 Tiswadi 2

The Government of India has introduced Aapda Mitra/Aapda Sakhi Scheme, wherein the Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) has been signed on behalf of the Government of Goa and the National Disaster Management Authority (NDMA) for implementation of “Up-Scaling of Aapada Mitra Scheme” in the State of Goa, wherein the Director, Directorate of Fire & Emergency Services is the Nodal Officer for the State of Goa. The Department has enrolled 350 Community Volunteers (Aapada Mitra & Aapada Sakhi) whose services will be utilized during Disaster Response, Relief and Rehabilitation in the State. The funds from the Central Government have been received and the Training for the same has commenced from 30th April.

The Aapada Mitras/Aapada Sakhis can assist the public during any Disaster in the State. They have been trained in various component of Disaster Management such as Basic Concept of Disaster Management, Disaster Preparedness, Basic Search and Rescue, Earthquake and safety, Flood/Cyclone/Tsunami, Medical First Aid, Rope Rescue and improvised Techniques & Flood Rescue Techniques Exercise.

Till date the following batches of Aapada Mitra & Aapada Sakhi have been trained.

Sr. No. Batch Period No. of Volunteers Trained (Aapda Mitra/ Aapda Sakhi)
1 Batch-I 23/04/2022 to 07/05/2022 16
2 Batch-II 10/05/2022 to 23/05/2022 21
3 Batch-III 31/05/2022 to 13/06/2022 28
4 Batch-IV 15/06/2022 to 28/06/2022 31
5 Batch-V 06/12/2022 to 20/12/2022 40
6 Batch-VI 22/12/2022 to 04/01/2023 43
7 Batch-VII 10/01/2023 to 23/01/2023 44
8 Batch-VIII 25/01/2023 to 08/02/2023 17
9 Batch-IX 13/02/2023 to 27/02/2023 31
10 Batch-X 01/03/2023 to 15/03/2023 16
11 Batch-XI 15/05/2023 to 27/05/2023 39
12 Batch-XII 15/06/2023 to 28/06/2023 22
13 Batch-XIII 30/08/2023 to 12/09/2023 22
14 Batch-XIV 17/10/2023 to 31/10/2023 30
    TOTAL 400