The fire has been viewed as a force  both beneficent and destructive. The destructive potential of Fire poses a threat to our life, property, and resources and it has been a major reason for the destruction of life as much as it has been a vital means and source of sustenance for mankind. The role of public fire protection service is to save life and property from fire and allied incidents and to minimize the outbreak of fires and its consequential loss within the jurisdiction of its responsibilities. With this end in view, the Directorate of Fire Service was established in 1984 to provide an efficient and effective fire and emergency services to aid people in distress and to protect the gains accrued through our sustained efforts in the State of Goa. Some of the major measures taken by the Government for development of Fire Services are:-

1. The Goa, Daman and Diu Fire Force Act 1986
2. The Goa State Fire Force Rules 1997
3. The Goa State Fire Force (Subordinate) Service (Discipline and Appeal) Rules 1989
4. Scheme for Grant of Award/Rewards for Fire Service Personnel 1997
5. Goa Chief Minister’s Fire Service Medal Rules, 2000 and Ammendment Notification 2000
6. Grant of Ex-Gratia lumpsum amount in the case of disability in service to DFES personnel Scheme 2014

The department generally attends emergency calls, which are not directly connected with fire, in order to help the people in distress. Over the years, it has attained a multi-dimensional role in saving and protecting life and property of the people with its activities in Fire Prevention, Fire suppression and Training. Goa Fire Service has always handled challenges posed to it with dexterity and in the process upholding its cherished Motto “We Serve to Save” and living up to its reputation as a dependable Civil Emergency Force of the State.

Historical perspective:

  • After the liberation of Goa, police took the responsibility to protect life and property from fire.
  • The fire service which worked as an adjunct to police was ill-trained and ill-equipped.
  • Rapid industrialization & urbanization coupled with the increased scale of economic activities and Government Operation had warranted the setting up of an organized fire department.
  • The fire services separated from the police department and were established as Directorate of fire service in 1984 for strengthening, streamlining and developing the fire service in the state.
  • Goa became the 25th state in the union of India in 1988 there after the fire service was re-christened as state fire & emergency services.
  • The modernization scheme under the planned budget was prepared for the establishment of fire stations.
  • The modernization scheme has seen an expansion of Goa fire & emergency service one which could have been unmatched anywhere else in the country.


  • To raise the level of Prevention and Preparedness so as to minimize loss of life and property in the State from fire and non-fire emergencies and to inculcate safety consciousness among the general public.


  • Enhancing the capacity in terms of men and materials to be able to realize the Vision;
  • Developing Fire and Emergency Service as a Service Provider for reaching help to the people in distress, for all hazard purposes
  • Ensuring community safety and enriching the members of the profession through training and education for preventing and mitigating the Fire loss and to facilitate improved public safety.