The Directorate of Fire & Emergency Services has conceptualised mobile simulation applications covering Disaster Preparedness scenarios like floods & earthquakes and General Fire Safety tips to adequately prepare the general public on taking corrective measures and actions. Activities are motion activated to allow for self-guided programming with the addition of a robust tablet control system. These mobile apps bring education to life in a fun, hands-on, immersive and technologically advanced learning environment.

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Disaster Management   General Safety Cases

The Directorate of Fire & Emergency Services has conceptualised an environment-friendly simulator for training workforce with an integrated user behaviour analysis in a Multi-Sensory Virtual Scenario. To ensure interest, participation and engagement within students and the rural community, the Fire Safety VR Simulator will be deployed with the training state-of-the-art fire & safety education van, which has been operating successfully across panchayats and residential areas to educate the public on disaster preparedness and basic fire safety. The training modules consist of various virtual fire safety scenarios such as,

  • Safety while cooking.
  • Fire safety for children.
  • Evacuation – rules of conduct when you hear a fire alarm.
  • How to operate different types of First Aid Portable Fire Extinguisher etc.

The Fire Extinguisher application along with HTC Vive’s VR headset, allows trainees to grasp and learn how to use a fire extinguisher through the PASS techniques. With this method, trainees can get hands-on approach experience by being in a realistic fire like situation, and learn how to: pull the safety pin on the extinguisher, aiming the nozzle at the base, squeezing the leaver slowly to release the extinguishing media and sweeping it on the base of the fire to extinguish it. Trainees are presented with real-world emergency situations. Interactive systems provide an immersive learning experience featuring opportunities for critical thinking, physical activity, hazard recognition and safe practice. Paybacks of Virtual Reality in Revolutionizing Situational Awareness in Fire and Safety; 

The Fire Safety VR SIMULATOR effectively provides a safe alternative to adequately prepare trainees for real-life scenarios, build ultimate confidence and positively enhance technical knowledge to successfully carry out fire safety operations.

With the Fire Safety VR SIMULATOR application, the cost of setting up real life situations for training purposes can come down drastically. With the application, in-house trainings scenarios can be carried out without any environmental concerns.

To schedule a demonstration kindly call Station Fire Officer (Training Section) on +918308846740/(0832)2225500 or email : dir-fire.goa[at]nic[dot]in/ trg-fire.goa[at]nic[dot]in